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Experienced TN Truck Accident Law Firm

When looking for a Tennessee truck accident law firm to represent your case, know that law firms and lawyers vary greatly in experience, skill, focus, and ethics.

At The Sexton Law Firm, we are confident in our qualifications and strengths as Tennessee trucking accident attorneys and invite you to compare.  Here are four objective measures by which you can competitively qualify firms to take care of your Tennessee trucking accident settlement needs.

Tennessee trucking accident lawyer – four selection criteria

1. Experience

For victims of truck accidents involving personal injury or death, experienced representation matters.   Selecting a sufficiently experienced lawyer has a strong and positive effect on the outcome of your case.  Many firms say they handle accident lawsuits but shy away from protecting your rights at trial. Make sure your attorney has a track record as an accident litigator.

2. Local knowledge

Every judge and every court is unique.  Likewise, the laws governing a Tennessee truck accident lawsuit are unique from those of other states and may even be influenced by county or municipal laws.  Therefore, you stand to gain an important competitive advantage in the courtroom when the attorney representing your case is a Tennessee trucking accident attorney -preferably one who is experienced in practicing law and representing cases in the city or county of your accident, experienced with the area judges and courts.

3. Successful practice

Experience is a critical foundation, but only choose among Tennessee trucking accident law firms with the kind of record that proves their ability to build upon that foundation a tower of successful litigation and strong settlements. Do not be afraid to ask attorneys about their successes. Ask for examples. Any Tennessee trucking accident lawyers with strong success records will be very comfortable sharing this information with you.

4. Tennessee trucking accident lawsuit focus

Any serious prospective Tennessee trucking accident law firm should be heavily focused on personal injury litigation.  But beyond that, look for a firm that has represented many other trucking accident victims.  There are many federal and Tennessee-specific laws that affect how a lawyer should represent you in a lawsuit in which a commercial motor vehicle driver or company is a defendant. So, pick a law firm that will not be cutting its teeth on your Tennessee trucking accident lawsuit.

Select peer-respected Knoxville lawyers for your truck accident case

After you have compared The Sexton Law Firm with any other competitors who might be worthy of representing your Tennessee truck accident lawsuit, we look forward to your call. Contact us online or call (865) 691-7900 for a free initial consultation.

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