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Knoxville Bankruptcy Attorney

Knoxville Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Help

Do you have questions about filing bankruptcy, but you’re not sure where to turn? Call The Sexton Law Firm now at (865) 691-7900  for a free, no-obligation consultation with an attorney.

Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in all areas of bankruptcy law. If you find yourself in a position of not being able to repay your debt and are considering filing bankruptcy, we are here to help. We will explain the ins and outs of the law and help you get your financial affairs under control.

Through bankruptcy we can help you keep your home and cars, protect you against wage garnishments, stop creditor harassment, completely wipe out credit card and medical debts, stop lawsuits and repossessions, and stop lawsuits. bankruptcy is a way to protect you and give you a clean start. Call today to speak to an attorney. It’s free, and there is no obligation. Call now!

What is bankruptcy?

overdue bills and bankruptcy-get help from a bankruptcy attorneyWhen a person is unable to repay their debts, filing bankruptcy is usually the best option. The principal goal of bankruptcy is affording the business or individual a fresh start and Relief from overbearing debt. We share that goal and will utilize our comprehensive understanding of bankruptcy law to afford you the fresh start you deserve. You can also review our Chapter 7 bankruptcy page or our Filing for bankruptcy page.

Here is what bankruptcy can do for you:

bankruptcy causes foreclosure

  • Save your house and car
  • Stop lawsuits and collections
  • Eliminate credit card and medical debt
  • Eliminate some tax debt
  • Stop the harassment from creditors
  • Re-establish your credit and get a fresh start

Do you have questions about filing for bankruptcy, but you’re not sure where to turn? Call us today.

An Affordable Solution

Many people think bankruptcy is too expensive, especially considering the difficult financial position they’re already in. But at The Sexton Law Firm, that’s not the case. In fact, we make it a point for bankruptcy to be an affordable solution to your financial troubles. Call to see how we can help you at an affordable price.

Protecting Your Valuable Assets

If you’re facing bankruptcy, you might be concerned that some of your assets, such as your home and cars, may be seized by creditors to pay off your debts. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. We can help you save your home, vehicles, and other valuable assets. Remember, the bankruptcy laws are designed to protect you. With us, you can make the law work for you rather than against you.

Do you have questions about filing bankruptcy, but you’re not sure where to turn? Call us today.

Getting Help

In October 2005, changes in consumer bankruptcy law were instituted. To better understand these new laws, and how they can help you escape overwhelming debt, schedule an appointment with our qualified Knoxville bankruptcy attorneys at the law firm of The Sexton Law Firm.

A fresh start is only a phone call away, and we now work with clients in Bristol, Knoxville, Nashville, Sevierville, and their surrounding counties. Please call at 865-691-7900 for your free appointment today. You can also fill out our online Quick Contact form

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