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Independent Contractor vs Employee: one classification will prevent you from getting benefits

If you are injured on the job in Tennessee, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. However, only “employees” are entitled to benefits under the Workers Compensation Act. Some employers attempt to classify their employees as “independent contractors” to avoid having to pay workers compensation benefits […]

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The Importance of Notifying Your Employer of a Work Injury

After a long day of work, do you ever prop your feet up on the couch with an ice pack on your aching back? Or, after changing out of work clothes, do you put on your wrist brace to stop the throbbing that you get after typing […]

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Workers’ Compensation Rate Reduction in New York

Workers’ compensation rates will reduce 1.2% next year against the recommendation of the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board. A reduction in the rates has not occurred since 2008. According to Governor Cuomo the decrease should help to create jobs and improve the economy in New York. […]

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Judge Rules on Workers’ Compensation Claim for Oklahoma State Representative

Mike Christian, an Oklahoma state Representative, was in a car accident while on his way to work. He struck a truck that was making illegal U-turn causing injuries to his back. The judge awarded workers’ compensation benefits to the State Representative in the amount of $61,560. Here […]

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