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SSDI – Top 3 Reasons Why Your SSID Application Was Denied

In the unfortunate scenario where you are disabled and unable to work, you may be entitled to monthly benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  A common question we hear is “Why should I hire an attorney if I can file for SSDI on my own?”  First […]

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Avoiding Costly Mistakes with Your Social Security Benefits

Knowing when to file for your Social Security benefits isn’t always easy for some people to decipher.  The Social Security program has many rules that can cost people a lot of money if they make a mistake.  It is best to research and understand your options prior […]

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The Costs Of A Disability

Caring for a disabled loved one can drain a person of a lot of time, energy, and money. Although the chance to help someone in need can be rewarding in many ways, it is important to be sure you are doing all you can to be prepared […]

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When It Makes Sense To Take Social Security Out Early

A 62 year-old man has a five year-old son, and he wonders if it wouldn’t make more sense for him to collect on his Social Security now rather than wait till he is 70. If he does so now, his son will benefit for 13 years as […]

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Paperless Social Security Benefits

Social Security is attempting to become paperless including eliminating paper benefit checks.  Currently 7% of the benefits are paid through paper checks costing millions each month to process and deliver.  A campaign to educate and set up direct deposit options has been underway for years.  If Social […]

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Social Security: An End to Paper Checks

The days of the paper Social Security checks is coming to an end.  Over the years, there has been efforts to promote direct deposits of benefit payments for quicker access to funds and lower processing costs.  In March 2013,  paper checks will no longer be issued and […]

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Social Security Tax Rate a Surprise for Some

After ringing in the New Year 2013, many working Americans were surprised to see their take home paychecks were less.  Many HR and accountants have received inquiries about the changes in employee payroll deductions.  So what changed?  The Social Security tax rates were lowered to 4.2% over […]

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Social Security and Fiscal Cliff Talks?

Should Social Security be included in the fiscal cliff talks?  Some democrats don’t want Social Security included while some are open to the idea.  Part of Boehner’s plan includes saving $100 billion across ten years by altering the inflation measurement which would change the Social Security’s cost-of-living […]

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Will Social Security Be Included in Fiscal Cliff Talks

As Democrats and Republicans negotiated a budget deal, some democrats are hesitant to include Social Security changes during the negotiation.  A plan to save $100 billion by altering the measurement of inflation therefore, reducing cost-of-living adjustments over time has some politicians and Americans concerned.  A letter is […]

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Family Members Arrested for Social Security Fraud

As technology advances so do the methods for crimes such as Social Security fraud; however some people continue to commit crimes the old fashioned way.  In Wisconsin, authorities have arrested family members for cashing a woman’s Social Security checks.  The woman has not been seen in approximately […]

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