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Breaking Down Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

Filing for bankruptcy in Tennessee can be extremely complicated for those who are not familiar with the process.  Hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney can make the entire process easier to manage.  Even before you hire an attorney, or shortly thereafter, you will have to determine whether you […]

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Don’t File for Bankruptcy Until You Read This Blog!

The decision to file bankruptcy is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful and difficult decision a person or family can make. Once that decision is made, many of our clients come to us incredibly overwhelmed because of the daunting process of filing bankruptcy. Filing in […]

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Detroit Bankruptcy And Technology

The latest topic of discussion in Detroit’s bankruptcy is technology. The city’s technology is very outdated, resulting in the loss of a lot of money. The exit plan for the bankrupt city is to invest over $100 million in current technology. Follow this link for more information […]

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Trump Entertainment Considering Bankruptcy

Trump Entertainment looks to be headed for another bankruptcy. This means its two casinos in Atlantic City could be closing. One is already scheduled to in September. The other may follow suit in November. Learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Read more from Trump Entertainment Resorts […]

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Detroit Bankruptcy Updates

In Detroit’s bankruptcy hearings, the city’s CFO just testified. I his testimony, he asserted that he believes the city’s plan to be reasonable. Now the judge must decide whether or not the largest bankruptcy in US history can move forward toward an exit. Read more from […]

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Detroit Bankruptcy Hits Bumps In The Road

So far, Detroit’s bankruptcy has gone pretty much like clockwork. The city is facing some serious obstacles now, though, as many creditors are filing objections to its bankruptcy plan. This may impede Detroit’s goal to exit bankruptcy by early fall. Read Original at Detroit’s bankruptcy process has […]

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Trustee May Be Appointed in TelexFree Bankruptcy

TelexFree filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Evidence has come to the court that suggests some wrongdoing during the bankruptcy proceedings. As a result, a trustee may be appointed to oversee the company’s bankruptcy plan. Read more from The Wall Street Journal: A federal bankruptcy watchdog overseeing […]

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Iconic Building In London To Avoid Bankruptcy

The Gherkin is one of the most iconic buildings in London. Its unique financial structure associated with the businesses it houses put it into bankruptcy last year. An accountancy firm has been appointed the receiver of the Gherkin, which will save it from the bankruptcy. Read […]

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Actress Files For Bankruptcy

Teri Polo is an actress on the new TV series The Fosters, but she is better known for her role in the Meet the Parents movies. She is having financial trouble, however, and just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Her documents cite debts reaching $1 million, with her […]

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USEC Files For Bankruptcy

USEC is a uranium supplier that just filed for bankruptcy. It cites assets of $70 million and debts of over $1 billion. As a result of its bankruptcy, USEC’s shares have fallen by 46 percent. Learn about Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Read more from USEC Inc filed […]

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